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And hey, you want me to read over your resume? Feel nervous about your interview? you can book an online session and we can do this together. You are also able to send me your resume and let me professionally edit and redesign it for you.                         if you would like to book an online session

But... Lets start off with the basic steps to achieving your dream job and it all starts with your resume

Create a Resume

To get a great job, you need a great resume.

Stand Out

Go the extra mile, stand out from the crowd and become a good candidate

Ace the Interview

Own your interview. Beat the nerves and know your assets

Get That Job!

Work hard and land that job

Basics of a Resume

Here you can find an example of my resume and also your own personal checklist that you can use when writing your resume! Enjoy x

Curriculum Vitae

Resume revamping & editing with constructive feedback

Have your resume professionally edited with feedback on making yourself stand out from the crowd. 

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Cover letter revamping & editing with constructive feedback

Your cover letter is just as important as your resume. Make sure that is makes an lasting impression on your potential employers with my cover letter editing and revamping.

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