JK Place Capri Review

Updated: Mar 3

Have you ever had the feeling of returning home after a long journey, the one where you are excited to finally arrive home, sit on that couch and be with your family. Well JK Place Capri made me feel exactly like that. The entrance, the lounges all so warm and cosy, stacked with books that just reminded you of your own lounge.

Our room was nothing short of beautiful, chic and homey with luminous white floors and rooms that reflect the ocean. The staff bassically welcomed you like family, guided you outside to embrace the views while you enjoyed your favorite drink before taking you to your room.

What was exceptionally great to see was that the owner of this property had his birthday and celebrated part of it within the hotel. Not only did he greet all the guests, we bumped into him during our dinner in town and he still made an effort to say hello. It just goes to show how family minded JK really is.

MMM... The food, you guys know it's my fave thing to talk about. I would say that their breakfast and lunch were the best. Don't get me wrong, dinner was amazing, it was so fresh and pure and basically untouched. But how can that be a negative? It is not at all, the chef is exceptional and the dishes he did really showcased and made you feel like the fish was literally just taken from the sea 20 minutes beforehand. See it was pure fine dining but I think at that point in the holiday I really wanted to spend more time in those authentic restaurants that you know have been going on for generations.

So we did one dinner in JK and the other two nights we did in the town. I will write about them in a separate article ;) Anyways back to JK... Your gorgeous home away from home.

The swimming pool, soooo relaxing, calm and refreshing. It is gorgeous bright blue and just overall perfect for totally unwinding for part of the day in the sun with some drinks. That is another thing about the hotel, the cocktails are so beautifully curated that you could easily sit and drink around 15 no trouble at all (although you mind find it hard to walk after) the balance and creativity in the drinks that you truly cherish every sip can sometimes be hard to find but here it was done perfectly.

The biggest benefis

JK is super close to everything in Capri, while the Island is small you are situated right by the Medditeranen ocean with access foot access to the pebble beach and only about a 5 minute drive away are you in the town center of Capri. The town is filled with cute boutique shops pebbled floors and views to watch the sun gleaming its orange and pink tones as it sets. The hotel would drop you off and pick you up, on time when you needed to be. So location wise the hotel is spot on

THE VIEW. Over the ocean, you can spot Mt Vesuvius right in front of you while on the deck having lunch or drinking a cocktail. Those of you who know or studied about the past of Mt Vesuvius it just makes it that extra bit special while watching the sunset colours shine through the evening.

For couples, JK is PERFECT. The hotel hints towards romance throughout the whole stay, by leaving little gifts during turndown to enjoy when you come back from dinner, or making your dinner feel especially private. Jk is quiet, I think it is less for the family but more for the adults and those couples, so if you are on your honeymoon, this is the place to be!

Like I mentioned before, the staff has to be probably one of the biggest benefits of this hotel. Nothing ever stopped them from being like family towards you. For those of you who don't work in hotels, usually when you stay in those small boutique hotels they know everything about you before you walk into the doors. Not just the front office and managers but housekeeping, drivers and the waiters. Every staff member is aware of your dietaries, how long your flight was and if you are in a good mood or not ;) And the way you can tell if a boutique hotel has done their job right is if they know all this information, if they have communicated well between themselves to make sure they don't miss a beat.