Dear Tayla, I am in a new team and nervous to make friends.

Hello Tayla, I would love to ask some advice. I just arrived in a new team in a new hotel and I am very stressed and anxious about meeting them. How could I do to make new friends in my team? It's really hard to me because last time i went into a team like this it was in New Zealand and I met wonderful people, I feel like i'm never gonna have colleagues like this again. I met wonderful Housekeepers in New Zealand who made me laugh and always had my back, and i met two amazing girls in front desk who became my best friends ... I am worried about having people in this new team here in St-Barth that will not be as good as my previous team. Any tips?

Lots of love

Someone who read your blog daily.

Celia The Cat

Dear Celia The Cat,

First of all, thank you for your lovely message! What a great opportunity you have going into St-Barth, I have heard how beautiful it is!

I know that the idea of moving into a new team is super scary and especially when its a whole new area as well. Not only will you be dealing with the people at work but also the difference in guests, the cultural differences, management styles and of course a whole new land to discover.

I have had many times where I join a new team and I feel nervous for a few months because I want to be good at my job before I feel like I deserve to be accepted into the team. Something that I have learn't throughout these times is to go especially easy on yourself those first few months. Try not to overthink what everyone in the team thinks about you because they are probably just excited about having a new team mate! Celebrate the small wins that you have each day, rather than the mistakes you might make at the start.

The best thing I can say is to ask for advice from your colleagues, ask them to show you something that you don't know in the role, to help you learn the ropes. This will create a bond with them and also show that you are wanting to be a contributing person to the team.

While you might be nervous that they won't be as good and amazing as the friends you made in New Zealand, don't let that stop you from letting them be just as good as the friends you made before, because chances are, there will be at least one person there who will be just as nice and amazing. After all in hospitality your team always has someone you eventually land up loving. That is the beauty of our industry!

Every team is dynamic and different, and now you are going to be adding to their uniqueness! Over time the team adapts to new people and they know your strengths and weaknesses and you will know theirs. Making teamwork a whole lot easier.

Try not to keep comparing the New Zealand experience and this experience, otherwise you will be stuck in the past. Keep at it with positive attitude and know that even if it doesn't match New Zealand, at least you can say that it was unique and you did not compare them the whole time you were there.

I am sure that your new team will love you and you are going to make some great friends in this new hotel. Give it some time, keep positive and don't forget to work hard at your job because thats when you become a great team member. Always help out when they need and just have their backs, I know how housekeeping is so teamwork based.

If you are still feeling a little nervous, just give around 2 months to fully settle into your job and life there. That is how long it usually takes to settle in. Ask for feedback from your managers so that they know you are there to improve yourself and be the best possible asset to the hotel.

I hope this helps!

Enjoy your time there and definitely get to know your new place! I am sure you will shine in the team.

xxx Tayla