Finca Cortesin - World's 11th Best Hotel.

Welcome back everyone to another one of my hotel travels! Discovering the best hospitality spots in the world and inspiring future hospitality leaders from the true leaders around the world.

As the world's 11th best hotel, Finca Cortesin sure did impress me on my visit. Not only was the property gorgeous but the service is impeccable. As a hospitality leader, my main focus while traveling is on how the staff and the people of the hotel make a trip an unforgettable experience.

The scene of Finca Cortesin:

Imagine arriving at a magnificent home one with a grand entrance with large doorways, beautiful white walls, and countless tapestries. Now imagine arriving at this gorgeous grand home only that it's for the royalty of Spain. With its high ceilings and terracotta roof tiles filled with its simple yet colorful decoration, it's no wonder that it is one of the best in the world. The staff fit into the surroundings, highly discreet however their attentiveness makes you feel like you are royalty.

Some background knowledge on the hotel:

Finca Cortesin is owned by a property developer, Javier Lopew Granados. The incredible features and designers were all created by Duarte Pinto Coelho who is a well-known Portuguese designer before he died. His creations and designs within the hotel stand out for their fabric walls and doors within the suites that used to close the doors for the Benedictine monks. Pretty interesting!

What about the food?

The food within a hotel either makes or breaks my stay and the food at Finca Cortesin made such a great impression on me that every single day that I stayed there I looked forward to just eating the whole day. The best part is that at lunchtime if you are down at the beach club the servers come to you with the freshest options of seafood that they were given that day. Traditional Spanish dishes full of flavor, you can't get any better than this! We definitely had some days where we fought over our orders because they would be running out of a special and everyone wanted it.

Finca Cortesin has 3 main restaurants, El Jardin De Lutz, Kabuki Raw and Don Giovanni. There is also the Beach Club restaurant and of course The Blue Bar.

El Jardin De Lutz - Here you can enjoy traditional Spanish food and an elegant romantic setting. It was my favorite place to eat dinner as the food was always beyond delicious and for me just elevated the experience of Finca Cortesin.

Kabuki Raw - A beautiful Japanese restaurant that has a bit of a Mediterranean twist on its food. We only ate here for one of the nights and it was such a beautiful environment.

As I mentioned the Beach Club was one of my favorite parts of the day and you can never beat how fresh and local the dishes were. As for Don Giovanni, we didn't actually have the chance to visit it because it was closed due to Corona.

The rooms:

Finca Cortesin is pretty famous for its rooms, especially in regards to the sizing. If you travel across Europe it can be hard to find rooms that are large and have enough space to let you roam about. Well, Finca Cortesin has space and the big airy vibes that we all crave. The best part is that the room sizes are generous for all room categories. With 67 rooms in the hotel, it's great to see that for the price you pay you can have some great space to enjoy to the fullest.

Was there anything that made the hospitality stand out?

The service and the hospitality were fabulous! It always makes me happy being able to see people in the industry I work for achieving satisfaction within their jobs, it really shows towards the guests. For me, while I found that the service was great and they all showed great care towards the guest, the only thing that I felt that was missing was the personalization from the staff. I do believe that this would happen with other guests, but in my experience, while they always went out of their way to say hello, smiling, and organizing the itinerary, I did not feel like they went out of their way to do a plus one for us.

For those who know me within the hospitality industry a plus one and that personalization is the only way to really make you stand out as a hotel staff member. Why do I say this? Plus ones and building a connection with a guest is the number one way to retain them. Sure you might have an amazing property and great food etc. BUT does your staff learn everything about their guests and use it to their advantage to let the guests know they are being thought of?

What do I mean by a plus one? A plus one is where a staff member recognizes a trait or a want of a guest and creates something unique that shows we were listening to them. A very miniature example of this is if a guest sits down for breakfast on their 3rd morning and without them asking, their favorite coffee hits the table without them asking along with a few chocolates you know they love because they eat all of them in the room. This is a very basic example, but already you can see how such a simple plus one makes the guest think to themselves wow, they really care and want to know about me. That is the goal in hospitality! It is at our core, so yes while the staff was amazing and I have absolutely nothing negative to say about their service I also believe that if they became more involved in their guest's lives and practiced this theory, the hotel would feel more like a home and somewhere they would feel more connected too.


Finca Coretsin showed me a new level of luxury. The feeling of beauty never left my mind while being there. In a way it was perfect. As I mentioned the only thing that would raise their level of service even higher would be to add the plus one theory. Once they would have that in place there is absolutely no reason the hotel can't be the number 1 in the world.

Thank you for reading everyone!

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If you have any experiences in hospitality or you work in hospitality and you do something unique for your guests I would love to hear about it!

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