Belmond Hotel Caruso - Amalfi Coast

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

The Belmond group started in 1976 with the first hotel being Hotel Cipriani in Venice which now is legendary. Establishing their status in the world of luxury, it was not long before their experiences were to be one of the most demanded. They not only run hotels but trains, river cruises and safari lodges in some of the most beautiful spots in the world. Amalfi Coast being one of the best.

I had high expectations of such a legendary and luxurious property, did they meet them?

YES and 100 times more.

As soon as we entered the property we were treated like royalty and I don't mean like the fake sweetness you sometimes get from staff, but true undeniable hospitality. It was almost like you were part of the family and they were welcoming you into the home for a long weekend.

Surprised with an upgrade on the room we had a private balcony with the most incredible view of the ocean. How could this get better?!

Ohh but it did and it kept getting better every day. That pool first of all is probably one of the best in the world, the view alone could win even the most difficult guests over.

Now I do have to admit something and its not the most popular opinion... I discovered i'm not the biggest fan of pizza, which came as a surprise to me because I love almost everything! HOWEVER Belmond has the best pizza I have ever tried and in general the food is amazing. We had dinner twice at the restaurant and I fell in love with the freshness and taste. Overall it was overwhelmingly such a perfect experience watching the sunset, great food and being with my man, literally nothing could beat it.

While the view and the building of the hotel was spectacular, its important that we ackowledge the staff and their contribution to the success. Having worked in similar hotels it was great to see the effort put in by each individual staff member. If you don't work in hotels or have much knowledge about how it works back of house try and have a closer look next time to see where the attention to detail comes into play. Watch when the restaurant gets extremely busy and see how your server still manages to remain calm in front of you, laughs at your jokes and still tries to make you happy.

Watch how you mention you love black tea especially with two sugars and the next day have it come to the table without you even asking, because not only is that the perfect example of attention to detail its the base of hospitality. Let them know a lot about you and put them to the test to see if they rise to the challenge of making you feel like a friend they've known for years. That's how you see whether a hotel has captured the essence of the industry. And no, it does not only exist in luxury hotels (although its more common there) but it's in the places with true soul holding staff who live and breathe to make people happy.

Belmond has a very deep soul, rich with staff who rise to every occasion to meet and exceed your needs. Their attention to detail is outstanding and they should be proud of the team they hold.

While at lunch one of the days, I ordered a Bloody Mary (my favourite cocktail) and I think it was a cocktail that they don't usually make too often however two of the servers both made their own version, brought them both out to me and asked me which one I preferred. After choosing, the rest of the staff learnt the exact way that one server made it and for the rest of the trip no matter who made the Bloody Mary it was the version I liked, even if I had never seen that particular staff member before. Simple but amazing and it won my heart over.

The trip was amazing and we had the absolute best time. I am going to write a separate post on the trip and the details but being that this is focused on the life of hoteliers I wanted to first capture the hotel itself and how guests can start looking towards those details and for future leaders to take notes on becoming the best.

As always feel free to email me if you are in the industry and you have questions or need advice in improving, I am here always. For those of you who don't work in the industry I hope you enjoy learning a little more about how we work :)

Belmond Hotel Caruso - Definitely should be at the top of your bucket list, there is nothing like it.

Thanks guys!