Amalfi Coast, Our Stay and Tips

Hey guys!

Amalfi Coast is the probably one of the most spectacular places on Earth. It is a dream that many have to visit and definitely is near the top on most bucket lists.

So you can imagine my excitement preparing for this trip and we were really lucky to be able to go during this year considering the circumstances.

Arriving in Naples

Our trip started out by arriving in Naples off a flight from Amsterdam and getting a transfer to The Belmond Caruso hotel in Ravello. The drive is about 1 hour and includes passing the great Mt. Vesuvius ( it has been a lifelong dream to see it since I studied about Pompeii ).

The drive is amazing and the view everywhere you go is spectacular! The windy roads that lead you into the mountains and on the edge of cliffs filled with small family owned farms with bright colours of yellow from the lemon trees. I am not going to lie, there were a few times that the car came close to colliding with another as the roads are so narrow and windy that I constantly closed my eyes going around corners.

One thing is certain, you are much better of driving with a tiny car or motorbike because otherwise its pretty scary!

We arrived at the Belmond Hotel Caruso, which you can find my whole experience on another blog post. It was outstanding and definitely worth a visit or even for dinner if you are not staying at the hotel because those views are incredible, where you can watch the colours of orange and pink melt into each other as the sun goes down.

We spent the next days with a combitnation of visiting Amalfi town, eating and tasting literally everything and swimming/tanning. Pretty great if you ask me ;)

Amalfi Town

If you are going to go to the Amalfi Coast, I would suggest in the shoulder seasons. This would be May or September. The weather in September is still hot enough to swim all you like and still get a great tan!

Amalfi was not as busy as we heard it normally is, however it was definitely still crowded in some areas. This is also why travelling in the shoulder seasons is best, it was during Covid, in the shoulder season and it had still a substantial amount of tourists, so you can imagine how busy it gets!

It is a gorgeous little town, however if there is one piece of advice I can give, spend more time in Positano. Amalfi is actually quite small and does not need the whole day to explore (unless you want to go inside every single shop). Whereas Positano is larger and there is more to explore and walk through, rather than Amalfi's one road of main shopping road.

Amalfi does have some hidden roads that mainly lead to resident houses and more of the residential areas that are quieter if you like exploring those kind of areas.

We had lunch at a lovely place called Ristorante Lido Azzurro. It is right on the water and the food is super fresh, local and delicious. If you go there, definitely try the chefs menu and let the chef surprise you with his favorite local dishes that leaves you feeling like you just ate a meal from your long lost Italian grandpa. The portion sizes and the amount of food you get is perfect.

The service I found throughout the whole of Amalfi was super friendly and everyone was genuinely happy to have tourists around, I don't think we had one bad experience while there! Not only this but the service was fast. Sometimes I find while being on holiday that you have maybe one or two restaurants that you go to that the service is not fast or that the staff aren't super experienced, but it seemed no matter where we went, they were always fast, and made sure that you were taken care of and that is one of the things I loved the most in Amalfi.

Here are some other great restaurants that are in the area:

Ristorante Marina Grande

This is a beautiful family run business that is known for being one of the best in Amalfi, and for their amawzing view as well. Their food is local, simple and fresh. It is a great spot to watch the sunset enjoying some beautiful views while eating traditional dishes.

Ristorante La Caravella

Michelen Starred and sometimes a little experimental, if you are looking for something that is a little different then this is definitely a place to try. Some dishes are more on the simple side but one thing is for sure, they are all delicious! They have a beautiful interior in the restaurant, and lying in the heart of the town they are not located by the water but expect some serious cosiness inside.

Pizzeria Donna Stella

If you are a pizza fan, you are gonna wanna try this place! Hidden under the lemon trees and considered one of the best there is.

Taking The Ferry to Positano

You HAVE to take the ferry to Positano from Amalfi. It is so beautiful that every moment you are just surrounded by endless Italian mountains and then all of a sudden you come around a corner and surprised with Positano. As I mentioned before it is larger than Amalfi town and is worth spending more time in.

We arrived at the dock and immediately set off on a little adventure around town and pretty much just spent around 3 hours walking, seeing cute shops with beautiful hand made and local clothing (I bought a super cute top with lemons on it). We had reservations at Le Sirenuse for dinner at their restaurant La Sponda.

The hotel is well known for its celebrity presence and the restaurant is set with the magnificent view of the coastline of Positano, great for sunsets and also they have over 400 candles that during the winter use instead of lights.

Let me tell you, and I know my food experience was so good literally everywhere we went BUT... this place is so divine, so romantic, the food is just so delicious. We actually got the steak tartare and while it was not something that I would have chosen to eat in Italy, it was on of the best I have ever had that we landed up ordering two more after our main courses before dessert haha, it was too good to not eat again.