About Me

Hey everyone! My name is Tayla Maroun and I am a hotelier. 

I am part of the industry that never sleeps, is physically and mentally tiring and well basically challenges every aspect of myself in order to bring the best for our guests. Do I love it? Hell yes. Every hard day, every guest who was not the friendliest brings me absolute joy (maybe not in that moment). The point being hospitality is a crazy amazing world that allows you to become part of a great big family. 

I studied Hotel Management at The Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School In NSW, Australia and graduated in 2019 with my Bachelor's Degree in Business specializing in Hotel Management. 

My passion began around 15 years old, I first wanted to be a lawyer however it was not long after that the idea of owning my own hotel popped into my head, but I have stuck with this since then and I truly found my place in the Hospitality world. 

This blog is really my life as it moves forward in this industry. if you are also in the Hotel Industry you will be able to see how my past experiences can help you find the job you would like to be in, and how to get there!